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Snickers, wishing for treats or fetch, whichever.


Getting brushed. Snickers is not limping after a week of bed rest and anti-inflammatory. So we are back to our normal routine, only without playing fetch for a while.


Sliced turkey from the deli, dried in the oven makes a crispy yummy treat- Puptato Chips!!



sunday morning

Now there’s a pile of corgi fur!

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Just sploot-axin’


Snickdad offered to carry her upstairs for bed time. He unhooked her tether and turned his back. Guess who came running upstairs? It is sooooo hard to keep a dog on bed rest.


I’m bored! Pet meeeeeee


Snickers is confined to her favorite spot with an everlasting treat tire. She will be taking an anti-inflammatory for a week. She is still favoring her leg, but not as badly. So we can keep hoping she just strained something in her leg, and didn’t tear a ligament.



You know, your hand has stopped rubbing…/撫でる手止まってるよ?

No falling asleep on the job!

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Please don’t be mad mommy! I’m sorry I hurt my leg and cried and limped so you took me to the vet, then refused to cry when he tried to feel what was wrong. You should be proud ‘cause the vet said I was so “tough” and “have strong muscles like big dogs”.  Please don’t make me be on bed rest?!! I’m sorry I RAN down the stairs after daddy carried me up when we got home from the vet. I know you are worried because last time I messed up my knee it cost $2,000 for surgery and the chances of this knee blowing out are really high, but I HATE being carried, I can run on 3 legs, really!